A quote from the [Australian] National Pain Strategy:

"Up to 80 percent of people living with chronic pain are missing out on treatment that could improve their health and quality of life...They may have to wait more than a year for an appointment at a service that can help them."

Australian & NZ College of Anaesthetists; Faculty of Pain Medicine; Australian Pain Society and Chronic Pain Australia


When you purchase a new 3 mode TENS machine from ActivLife Technologies, the cost of your first pain management consultation will be deducted from the purchase price.


ActivLife Pain Management

We are a clinic dedicated to the management of pain using TENS therapy. TENS is electrical nerve stimulation administered through the skin and we are the Australian experts in TENS therapy - theory and practice.

Our aim is to help you reduce the impact of pain in your daily life...each and every day:

  • Joint and spine pain, stiffness or inflammation
  • Muscle and soft tissue pain or tension
  • Nerve or neuropathic pain

And to help you improve your circulation and mobility.

At our clinic, your pain is assessed and documented; it is treated with TENS therapy; and then we educate you in the practical steps that allow you to manage TENS treatment yourself - at home, at work or at leisure.

A TENS fact sheet from PainAustralia